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Virtual Cocktail Making Workshops

Learn how to mix delicious cocktails or mocktails with our professional mixologists
5-500 people
Full Virtual Experience
Can be played around the world
Fully interactive
Flexible timings 30 mins - 2hrs
Unites teams & individuals
As we come into summer there no better time to learn how to mix and make some amazing new cocktails. Guided by our online virtual mixologists, we’ll demonstrate some very cool techniques on how to mix and flair some very tasty drinks. Then it’s your turn!

Brush up on your skills ready to impress at future parties by impressing friends with the perfect Mojito or delicious Pornstar Martini.

What happens on the day?

What happens on the day?
This event can be done with alcoholic or non alcoholic cocktails, or healthy nutritional smoothies. Or both!

In advance everyone is emailed a list of ingredients and drinks, or these can be posted as packs to each participant.

Now it’s time to login to our virtual platform where you’ll be greeted by our cocktail team behind the bar. They’ll kick off the session with an amazing demonstration of flaring skills, and how to mix the perfect selection of famous cocktails.

Now it’s over to you. Everyone will have a go at mixing and flaring a variety of drinks by using lot’s of very cool techniques.

Every drink is judged on appearance, and your honesty of what it tastes like…. The final challenge involves people collaborating as mini teams to come up with a brand new cocktail. It must be named, created and presented ready for bonus points.

This is a really fun and energising experiences that lifts spirits and teaches people new skills. It allows them to play as teams in a really upbeat fun interactive activity.

Popular formats include:

  • Nutritional dishes
  • Chocolate making
  • Bread making
  • Cupcake making / decorating
  • Sushi Making
  • BBQ Masterclass

What's included in your virtual event?

  • Pre team liaison
  • Ingredient lists and mixing guidelines
  • Optional posted cocktail kits
  • Online professional mixologist host
  • Online judging
  • Follow-up recipes
  • Pre event planning and support
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