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Phoenix Staffing offers a platform for people to find enjoyable and flexible jobs in the nightlife, hospitality, and events industry. We're a community that values personal growth and progress, motivating individuals to explore their interests, pursue their passions, and shape their future.

Our culture

Our bar and event job platform benefits a wide range of people, including stay-athome parents, students, actors, and city workers, as it provides the flexibility and diversity to meet everyone's needs, regardless of their circumstances.

From front-of-house to back-of-house roles, we can place you in a temporary hired role that suits your lifestyle, available hours, and of course, your unique skills.

Spotlight on staff achievements

Amy Caeiro
Rebecca Smith
HAlina & Alana


Generational impact
Courtney, one of the Phoenix office mums, was able to work in the 'office' remotely at home. Starting work after having her first child, Zeena, was really important to her, as she wanted to be able to show Zeena that there are different ways parents can work. She wanted Zeena to witness her Mum and Dad 'working'. 

Her husband works in production, often in many different countries and places, at different times of the day. Courtney filmed the attached clip of Zeena 'working' as she saw her Mum do! We love this illustration of the generational impact of Phoenix, and the visual of the legacy we desire to leave.

Family supporting family.  


Legacy Building
From the first day Suzanna partnered with us, in 2017, her sales and consistency have been noticed by everyone within the company and amongst our clients. She has epitomised hard work and determination, with her vision and dreams firmly attached to her heart and mind in every space she has operated in.

Here is a short story she wrote in 2019 to explain her experience and illustrate our passion to help people fulfil their dreams and be a platform of wealth generation for many.

"Everything started with Dan’s grandad idea of gifting us a part of the land where he spent all his childhood and suggesting us to build something on!

It did not take us to much time to think as the view is breathtaking and the land is slightly remote! After getting the building permission we decided to build the house ourselves as my father and Dan have a background in construction and the rest of the family were always happy to give us a hand when needed. Plus this would have been a bit cheaper then hiring builders! We started by going to Romania ten days at a time three to four times a year to do the work. By August 2016 the house was all built, but we still had a lot more to do! From windows, interior, exterior, garden etc, but our major issue was the electricity and water as being in the village and a bit remote we didn’t have any of these facilities and as these were the most expensive facilities we were thinking that we would not be able to afford it for a while!

In London, the management of the venue I worked at changed. I was an upsetting drinks waitress there since 2011, and they said that they did not need me to work anymore, but that I can work for them as a waitress. This would have bought me in way less money than the amount I was used to from selling shots. This was maybe one of the saddest time of my life regarding the fact Christmas was coming and was about to make a good amount of money by selling shots, and we had so many plans for the following months to continue our house project and at that point this was not going to happened!

I remember Vicky, one of the Phoenix team, being so helpful when I’ve told her my situation. She told me to not be silly, as this was not the only venue in London who had this service, and that there are so many other good venues around and Phoenix has most of them and she’s always looking for girls who are happy to make good money by selling shots. In the morning I called the company and told them my situation, the sun was back in the sky when she asked me, if I’m available to work that Friday night and Saturday the following night!

This was one of the happiest days of my life, I almost couldn’t believe I had the opportunity to work again! I started my first day with Phoenix on Saturday! That was the night when my life literally changed! From that night I could see the potential this company has, the chance to finish my house, the chance to make very good money and fulfill all my dreams, it was actually everything I needed! I could dream again! Arriving back home I told Dan from today on working for Phoenix will be Christmas everyday! Now, almost 3 years later I can truly say since that day working for Phoenix it was Christmas everyday! Today, our dream home is nearly finished, just few more cosmetic things to be done.

Working for Phoenix I could afford to literally finish to build my dream house, and in the same time to live a high quality life, going on holidays and helping my family financially. On top of all this we have accomplished another big dream of ours, we could afford a mortgage in London and in approximately one month will move to our new flat. We are very grateful for everything that Phoenix brings to our lives, it definitely wouldn’t be the same without the huge opportunity I have been given. I am so grateful."

Amy Caeiro

Birthed out of Phoenix
Hello, my name is Amy Caeiro and I used to work in Business Development and Accounts for Phoenix Staffing.

"Working within the Phoenix team was friendly, innovative, diverse and most importantly for me flexible! Working for the team motivated me to channel my energy alongside my role into starting my own business/passion as a Medical Micropigmentation Specialist.

I was able to study whilst working within Phoenix and I cherish the encouragement from Sarah the CEO and the team. Not only did I personally develop my own skills but I become more confident in business relations and in my own entrepreneurial mindset.

I now run a semi-permanent make up business and I am working towards my medical micropigmentation licence. 

If your interested check me out on Instagram and Facebook!"

Rebecca Smith

Birthed out of Phoenix
"Phoenix Staffing undoubtedly aided my journey when starting my own business in 2015. Working alongside Sarah in a fast-paced, exciting environment enabled me to nurture vital skills such as client liaison, quality service and passion for what I do. My partner and I had always wanted to allow families & children access to high quality, affordable classes & workshops in Performing Arts, taught by top industry professionals, allowing children to thrive and build on key skills such as Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Teamwork (to name a few) which we feel is so important for development. Both being professional actors ourselves with an array of credits and experience; we have a love for inspiring and uplifting others through the art of creative learning. 

We launched Boo Theatre and Entertainment, alongside our existing Children’s Entertainment company ‘Beckyboo Parties’ (which provides quality, fun-filled entertainment for children at parties & events.) The two business’ run alongside each other & we are extremely proud to work regularly with 70+ schools per week across London with our staff teaching over 1000 children. Alongside our regular classes; we also run an array of Workshops & Holiday Clubs, as well as the Children’s Parties (which have had to shift ‘virtual’ celebrations in recent times.) I have huge thanks to Sarah who, along with her team, is a testament to the success of Phoenix."

Lucy Brittain

Birthed out of Phoenix
"My name is Lucy, I am a professionally qualified freelance Hair & Make-up Artist and Eyelash Technician.

I am Irish and moved to London with a dream of becoming a make-up artist and to work in the beauty industry. I have completed training at the renowned hair and make-up school Brushstrokes in Pinewood Studios where I qualified in make-up and hair, and trained with some of the UK’s leading Beauty experts in eyelash extensions and other beauty treatments. I have gone on to set up my own businesses LBBeauty- specialising in hair and make up, and LBLashes specialising in eyelash extensions.

During my studies, I worked with Phoenix Staffing both as Recruitment Manager and a Shot Contractor (which I still do). Working with Phoenix gave me the financial freedom to pursue my career. The freedom and flexibility of working remotely in Recruitment meant I was able to fit work in around college. I would never have been able to put myself through college without Phoenix. I also worked during the week and at weekends doing shot shifts. I was able to choose when I worked to suit my timetable which enabled me to pay rent while studying full time as the pay is amazing! I have continued to work as a shot contractor as this job has helped me to start up my businesses - to buy all my kit, my car, my rent and all other materials. I would not have been able to do any of it without working for Phoenix and I will continue to do shot shifts because they are so flexible. Would be lost without Phoenix!"


Birthed out of Phoenix
"I worked with Sarah and Phoenix from 2017-2020 as a business developer. My role was to build and retain relationships with our existing clients and source and develop new ones to grow the business.

The job really helped me to develop skills that transferred over to my work as a singer songwriter. Networking, critically thinking and also being able to sell myself resulting in selling the services the business provided.

Phoenix allowed me to maintain working in the studio and developing as an artist which was extremely supportive and has definitely helped me to get to the next stage in my career. For this I’m Forever grateful. It was a joy to come to work and feel supported and like a member of an extended family.

Now I’m doing music full time writing and performing continuing on my journey as an artist."

Halina & Alanna

From Dancers to Business Development Executives
Halina and Alanna came to London dreaming of future careers in dance and entertainment. They began to partner with Phoenix on a part-time basis, up-selling shots in venues to support themselves, whilst they studied at dance school.

Their high energy and enthusiasm soon had them known as some of the top sellers in the company. The platform that Phoenix provides started to get them thinking about business in a new way, and as they learnt the skills and character for business establishment and personal growth, they made the decision to leave university and pursue working with Phoenix full time.

The stability and frequency of the up-selling drinks shifts gave them a steady stream of income, allowing them to still travel, pursue their interests and have flexibility in their lifestyle. We saw their heart, passion and growing skill, which caused us to offer them the ability to work in the business development team from the end of 2020, aiding in establishing the company after the industry's shut-down during Covid-19.
They have come in and taken the market by storm, helping to open and establish countless new partnerships.

"We both loved Phoenix ever since we met Sarah (CEO) and partners, it feels like a family where we can discuss all of our thoughts and put different things forward. Knowing the team for three years now has been a pleasure and the journey with Phoenix now is just beginning."
Halina & Alana

Phoenix Academy

We invest in the recruitment, training and development of our team, empowering strong sales agents, who maximise revenue and are guaranteed to increase profitability and customer experience.
What courses do you offer?
  • ‘A heart filled with love is like a phoenix that no cage can imprison.'
  • ‘Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.’

  • ‘Without impact, innovation is just an idea with promise.’

    Judith Rodin
  • ‘Focus on impact, not approval.’

    Tim Ferris
  • ‘Integrity is doing the right thing. Even when no-one is watching.’

    C S Lewis
  • ‘Integrity is choosing your actions based on values rather than personal gain.’

  • ‘Integrity never goes out of style.’

    Jim George
  • ‘Image is what people think we are: integrity is what we really are.' 

    John C Maxwell
  • ‘With integrity you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide.' 

    Zig Ziglar

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