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Read the great reviews about our part-time staff and event hire:
  • “It has been a great pleasure working with Phoenix since the opening of The Seven Harrow in June 2019. Particularly Olivia, who is incredibly friendly, always manages to cater to all of our needs and requirements and has done an outstanding job to ensure we always receive a top quality service. All waiters/waitresses provided by Phoenix staffing have a true passion for their job and it is always a delight welcoming them to our venue. During the first Lockdown, Phoenix offered live fitness videos and workshops for our staff members - this kept us connected during the difficult period. Since re-opening in August, all contractors have done a exceptional job complying with COVID-19 restrictions and have demonstrated an outstanding service and professionalism, even offering a newly introduced selection of tasty edible shots provided by Phoenix (which our customers love). Working with Phoenix has defiantly proven to be worth-while. All in all I’m extremely impressed with Phoenix and I’m sure we will have a long-lasting relationship over the years to come. Thanks Olivia and the rest of the team!"

    Dillon, The Seven Harrow
  • “We were delighted to collaborate with Phoenix Staffing on the development of effective policy and practices to help support their values and ensure the safety of all hosts while working.

    Through several discussion workshops touching on issues such as legal frameworks, consent and boundaries, we helped this formidable all-women team to create an effective strategy for supporting all contractors in the event that they experience unwanted attention or any form of sexual harassment during a shift. 

    By immediately building in the right communication tools and a zero-tolerance approach to this behaviour, Phoenix demonstrated they are advocates for culture change and with these extra measures in place, will no-doubt attract clients who share this vision of a safer nightlife for all.”
  • “Phoenix and Olivia were a delight to work with. Quick turnaround and easy to communicate. Models were professional and all had a positive attitude in the photoshoot. Look forward to working with them again on future shoots!”
  • “Flawless service - from making the bookings to the teams who actually come and sell the shots. Always at the end of the phone and incredibly accommodating. A great addition to our venue and massively takes the pressure off the bar team by offering table service on busy nights. Carla in particular is a superstar and sells like an absolute boss!”
  • “I’ve worked for this company for over two years. Their really supportive and have a lot of work to meet your lifestyle. The team are really friendly. I’ve only had great experiences with them. The minimum pay is way above minimum wage too!!”

    Aleah Baxter
  • “I have worked for this company for a few months and I have more flexibility then I have had working in an office for 3 years. I feel so motivated and it feels amazing to be my own boss! highly recommend applying to Phoenix, it's the best decision I ever made”

    Lucy Brittain
  • “I have worked with Phoenix for the last 4 months and love it! The girls on the team are supportive & lovely it gives me the perfect work life balance & has given me so much opportunity."

    Chloe EB
  • “I was looking for jobs and when I saw the advert for shot waitressing, it just jumped right at me!

    Being a mother to 4 kids, the outgoing 'party animal' that I used to be was getting left behind but deep down I still had that partying, social spirit in me that just wanted to stay alive!

    Since working with Phoenix, I would describe it as 'my dream job'. It's given me exactly what I needed in my life. I got to meet new and lovely people and enjoy the music as well as earn a decent income!

    My fella's a head chef and I literally earned double what he earned, Saturday just gone. I am so excited for the future and I'm so grateful to have come across Phoenix in my life. If you're thinking about doing this, do what I did and just give it a try. It will be so worth it.

  • “I have been with Phoenix for 4 months now as a Shotboy and have only positive things to say. Sarah (Phoenix CEO) leads from the front as a role model figure who has set up her company with a clear intention to be a positive force in the industry.

    The job itself has given me an opportunity to expand my earnings on a flexible basis, meet countless new people and enjoy the feeling of community with Phoenix colleagues. Operationally, things work like clockwork and the team is highly approachable and diligent.

    In three words, Phoenix staffing is: supportive, caring and fun! Easy 5/5."

    Josh Levy
  • “Having been here for 2 years now, it’s a wonderful company to join. People I have worked with are very friendly and supportive. I have met many kind people and made for who share same interests. The work itself is very flexible, definitely worth trying if you are looking for a fun part time job!"

  • “Phoenix has changed my life drastically. As a student, finding work that fits around your education is so difficult. BUT Working with Phoenix, my hours are as flexible as I desire which is great as I can work around my university schedule and also maintain financial stability as a student. Just when I felt like giving up with my career goals, Phoenix made me feel it was possible!”

    Demi Cowles

What are the best event staffing companies?

Phoenix Staffing is highly rated by both customers and employees.

We hire qualified and trained experts to ensure top-notch results. Our staff enjoys a positive work environment, growth opportunities, and competitive pay rates, always above minimum wage.

Our workers are temporary staff for your events, but they’re always permanent members of the Phoenix family.

With over 15 years of experience in the promotional and event staffing industry, we’ve built up a reliable network that covers London, Bournemouth, Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth, Windsor, Colchester, Gloucester, Bristol, Birmingham, and more.

Are Phoenix Staffing good to work for?

Phoenix Staffing consistently receives high praise from both satisfied clients and dedicated employees.
Our recruitment process focuses on hiring qualified and well-trained bar and event experts, ensuring top-quality results for your events.

We prioritise cultivating a positive work environment and providing growth opportunities for our team members. We believe that a motivated and skilled workforce is essential for success in event staffing.

In addition, we are committed to offering competitive pay rates to our temporary staff workers, exceeding minimum wage standards. This dedication to fair compensation reflects our commitment to both our employees and the success of your events.
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    Narendra Modi
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