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Virtual Cooking Events & Workshops

Create some amazing new dishes with recipes and guidance from our amazing Michelin Star chef
5-500 people
Full Virtual Experience
Can be played around the world
Fully interactive
Flexible timings 30 mins - 2hrs
Unites teams & individuals
We’re sure everyone’s been forced to think more creatively about what to cook when working from home. Taking into consideration that some ingredients are very hard to come by, and we’re all encouraged to go to the shops as little as possible, these virtual cooking experiences are designed for you to learn new skills and create amazing dishes from what you’ve probably already got in your cupboard.

What happens on the day?

In advance everyone is emailed a list of ingredients and cooking utensils required. Everything is designed to be simple with things most people have in their kitchen cupboards. Alternative ingredients are also included to give variety.

Everyone logs into our dedicated Zoom platform where you’re welcomed by the smiley face of our Michelin Star chef. He’ll talk you through the challenge ahead before showing you some amazing cookery skills that everyone can use at home.

Our chef will walk you through every aspect of the cookery experience, taking live questions along the way. Follow his expert live instruction and your bound to create something amazing!

We have several different formats of cooking experiences. For those that require specialist ingredients or equipment, each individual is posted a pack containing everything they need.

Popular formats include:

  • Nutritional dishes
  • Chocolate making
  • Bread making
  • Cupcake making / decorating
  • Sushi Making
  • BBQ Masterclass
Christmas pudding

What's included in your virtual event?

  • Work together as a mini team against colleagues
  • Use our high tech easy to follow app
  • Experience augmented reality to reveal information
  • Online live host
  • Instant results updates
  • 5-500 people can take part
  • Super easy to play
  • Full pre event support & planning
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