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Phoenix Staffing is a family of passionate individuals who breathe life into spaces and bring brands to life. We partner with dedicated, entrepreneurial people to infuse energy into your events and ensure smooth operations. Our fullytrained, enthusiastic staff can support all aspects of your business.

We started in 2009 when our CEO and founder, Sarah, was a university student in London working in nightlife and temporary staffing. Over the years, Phoenix has evolved to offer flexible work opportunities to a growing community of likeminded individuals who share our values. We believe that success comes from working together, and adapting flexibly while staying true to our mission.

Our staff are amazing temporary hires for your needs - and permanent members of the Phoenix family.

Our goal is to create work environmentsthat inspire personal growth, foster community, and encourage accountability. Working with Phoenix isn't just a job; it's a lifestyle!

OUr Values

Established in the industry for over eleven years, we have been consistently providing excellent teams to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We operate with IMPACT, COMMUNITY, OPPORTUNITY AND GROWTH at the core of our operations and practices.
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Meet the team

Sarah Moxom


Olivia Warner

Operations Director

Rhian Whitehead

Accounts and Training Mananger

Selene Miller

Operations Project Manager

Milna Puchkova

Operations Support

Leah Baxter 

Recruitment and Operations

Holly Sparks

Recruitment and Operations

Suhail Cutto

 Marketing and Design

Lily Hurly

Recruitment Manager

Rachel Gatley

Recruitment and Operations Support

Violet Song

Operations Support

Chloe Ellman Baker

Social Media Manager

Ask us about upcoming career opportunities in the office.
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Ask us about upcoming career opportunities in the office.


We guarantee to increase your revenue and sales, using the latest software to track results, generate feedback and tailor strategy.
All enquiries will be responded to within 24 hours and solutions actioned around the clock.
You will have a dedicated personal account manager for your Phoenix journey.
You will be able to select the perfect people for your positions from a wide variety of staff. We have a database of dedicated highly trained professionals who are re assessed and added to on a regular basis ensuring there is a constant flow of fresh energy and varied skill sets.
Our online booking system ensures efficiency of booking and briefing. Our personalised online training and Phoenix Academy ensures all staff are equipped and trained through industry-recognised courses.
Our experienced team have worked on campaigns of all shapes and sizes. We love seeing things come to life and there is nothing that we cannot help facilitate.

Our temporary hired staff service reviews:

  • “Having been here for 2 years now, it’s a wonderful company to join. People I have worked with are very friendly and supportive. I have met many kind people and made for who share same interests. The work itself is very flexible, definitely worth trying if you are looking for a fun part time job!"

  • “I have worked with Phoenix for the last 4 months and love it! The girls on the team are supportive & lovely it gives me the perfect work life balance & has given me so much opportunity."

    Chloe EB
  • “I have been with Phoenix for 4 months now as a Shotboy and have only positive things to say. Sarah (Phoenix CEO) leads from the front as a role model figure who has set up her company with a clear intention to be a positive force in the industry.

    The job itself has given me an opportunity to expand my earnings on a flexible basis, meet countless new people and enjoy the feeling of community with Phoenix colleagues. Operationally, things work like clockwork and the team is highly approachable and diligent.

    In three words, Phoenix staffing is: supportive, caring and fun! Easy 5/5."

    Josh Levy
  • “I was looking for jobs and when I saw the advert for shot waitressing, it just jumped right at me!

    Being a mother to 4 kids, the outgoing 'party animal' that I used to be was getting left behind but deep down I still had that partying, social spirit in me that just wanted to stay alive!

    Since working with Phoenix, I would describe it as 'my dream job'. It's given me exactly what I needed in my life. I got to meet new and lovely people and enjoy the music as well as earn a decent income!

    My fella's a head chef and I literally earned double what he earned, Saturday just gone. I am so excited for the future and I'm so grateful to have come across Phoenix in my life. If you're thinking about doing this, do what I did and just give it a try. It will be so worth it.

  • “I’ve worked for this company for over two years. Their really supportive and have a lot of work to meet your lifestyle. The team are really friendly. I’ve only had great experiences with them. The minimum pay is way above minimum wage too!!”

    Aleah Baxter
  • “I have worked for this company for a few months and I have more flexibility then I have had working in an office for 3 years. I feel so motivated and it feels amazing to be my own boss! highly recommend applying to Phoenix, it's the best decision I ever made”

    Lucy Brittain
  • “I worked for Phoenix for 2 years and it was a great company to work for as they are so flexible. I could go travelling around south east Asia for 3 months and knew I had a job to come back to. My job that I was waiting to start as a career took 15 months from getting the job to me actually starting with them. Phoenix were great in this time as I kept thinking I was starting my new job then finding out I was postponed again. So I could always message them to get some shifts short notice.”

    Natalie Davies
  • “Phoenix has changed my life drastically. As a student, finding work that fits around your education is so difficult. BUT Working with Phoenix, my hours are as flexible as I desire which is great as I can work around my university schedule and also maintain financial stability as a student. Just when I felt like giving up with my career goals, Phoenix made me feel it was possible!”

    Demi Cowles
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Phoenix Academy

We invest in the recruitment, training and development of our team, empowering strong sales agents, who maximise revenue and are guaranteed to increase profitability and customer experience.
What courses do you offer?
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