Nightlife Safety Survey

Phoenix Staffing recently conducted a comprehensive UK survey to assess safety perceptions among venue-goers and staff. By openly discussing these matters, we aim to enhance safety for all. The diagrams below highlight key survey findings, along with venue recommendations based on feedback.
The results of the survey are in, and it is encouraging to note that a significant portion of respondents (62.50%) believe that venues are currently doing enough to create safe environments for both customers and staff. This reflects the ongoing efforts made by many venues to prioritise the well-being of all individuals involved. While this is a positive outcome, we also acknowledge that there is always room for improvement.
Furthermore, an impressive 71.79% of respondents expressed feeling safe to communicate and escalate situations with venue staff or management when faced with incidents that made them feel unsafe. This statistic demonstrates the value of open lines of communication and supportive venue environments for both customers and staff. We are proud to see such positive engagement, and it highlights the importance of fostering a culture where safety concerns are taken seriously.

To drive change and create even safer environments, we have some suggestions to consider:

Encourage and Support Venue Staff
We appreciate the immense effort venues are making to secure sufficient security personnel in the current challenging circumstances. Let's continue to empower and support venue staff, including bouncers and management, in taking reported incidents seriously and promptly addressing any inappropriate behaviour. Trust and belief are key in fostering a safer environment for both customers and staff.
Ensuring Safe Travel
As venues are fixed points on the map, transportation services may not be applicable in all cases. Instead, let's focus on promoting awareness and providing resources to staff, ensuring they have access to safe transportation options during late-night shifts or when working in areas that may be less familiar. The well-being of our staff remains a top priority.
Enhanced Signage
Increasing the visibility of clear and concise signage throughout the venue, explicitly stating that certain behaviours are not tolerated, can help maintain a safe and respectful atmosphere for both customers and staff. A visible reminder goes a long way in creating a secure environment.
Safety Contacts
Designating safety contacts within the venue or utilising tracking devices can provide an additional layer of security for staff, especially during nighttime activities. Prioritising the well-being of everyone involved, including both customers and staff, is essential.
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