Can I hire health and safety-trained bar staff?

Yes, Phoenix Staffing can supply health and safety-qualified bar staff for your party, event, wedding, or business function.

How can I run a safe and successful event?

Safety is a key factor in the success of a party or event.

Our staff are trained in multiple areas of safety to ensure your guests feel comfortable and at ease.

Our temporary staff hires will always be alert for any unwelcome guests or unsafe situations that may pose a threat to the enjoyment of your event.

We take safety seriously and are equipped to deal with situations such as; sexual harassment or inappropriate behaviour, unsafe consumption of alcohol, or accident and injuries.

What do I need to do to host a club night or party?

If you’re looking to host a club night or party, you’ll need to ensure your bar staff are qualified to legally and safely serve drinks.

At Phoenix Staffing, we pre-prepare all of our team members and gig workers so that they have bar training and can responsibly serve your guests for peace of mind and safety.
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