Gym Box
Duration of campaign
2016 - 2019

Brand ambassadors at each Gym Box site
2-6 per day

Customers reached per day
400 - 800

Brand ambassadors

From 2016 to 2019, Phoenix provided daily teams of Brand Ambassadors to all Gym Box locations across the now eleven sites.

We were part of the successful launch and on-going brand activation of the gyms, ensuring that the vocal, fun and engaging brand Gym Box represents was known by all passers-by.
We had between two to six brand ambassadors at every Gym Box site daily, always dressed in branded attire, occasionally bouncing down the street in kangaroo shoes, chanting catchy phrases and slogans, sometimes offering freebies to local passers-by and ensuring that there is a flyer in every relevant individual’s hand.

Gym Box partnered with us with the desire to drive high volumes of interested leads to their sites, for their sales teams to convert into new sign-ups. Brand awareness was exceptionally important to them and selecting individuals who embodied their brand and engaged people with this understanding was essential. The Phoenix booking team worked with Gym Box in an integrative way, with daily communication, thorough feedback forms and staff spot-checks to manage the activation successfully.

Phoenix brand ambassadors were situated in teams of two at busy local train stations and pathways.

Success was measured by the number of branded flyers handed out on every shift.

Our teams averaged 150 flyers handed out per shift, enabling Gym Box to always have the needed flow of new members to launch each gym into the successful sites we see today.

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Our experienced teams manage the entire process from planning, site booking, to build, project delivery and on-site management.

We provide updates, statistics, results and reports
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